10 Common Mistakes Men Make When Dating Women

Here are 10 common mistakes guys make when dating women. Usually these lead to man’s most feared outcome- REJECTION. These are in no particular order.

MISTAKE 1: Talking about negatives from your past with her.
She is not mama or your psychiatrist so do not treat her as such.

MISTAKE 2: Looking at other women when out on a date with her.
This seems pretty obvious but you would not believe the number of guys that still stare at the waitress and wonder why she gets turned off.

MISTAKE 3: Giving her too many compliments. หี
It is acceptable to tell her she looks nice when you pick her up and tell her that you had a good time when dropping her off. Anything beyond that and you look like you are begging for her affection.

MISTAKE 4: Giving gifts too early.
You cannot buy her affection. If gifts really worked than every rich guy would be married and every poor guy would be terminally single. Thankfully it does not work that way. Again, too many gifts, too early, and you look like you are begging for affection.

MISTAKE 5: Touching her too much.
Putting your arm around her. Holding her hand. You are attacking her comfort level when you do this. Keep your paws to yourself.

MISTAKE 6: Being too serious.
In dating she wants it light and she wants it funny. Do not talk about the Middle East wars or your views on religion or politics. Think about it this way, if the list of subjects discussed would impress your political science professor, they probably are not good date subjects.

MISTAKE 7: Telling her how much you like her.
First of all, you might very well scare her off if you gush on as to how you have always wanted her but beyond that, she wants to wonder between dates as to how you are really feeling. If you blurt out that you like her a lot, then she figures, “I got another one.” She wants mystery and challenge, my friend.

MISTAKE 8: Calling her the next day or within a few days after a date.
We teach guys on our dating women radio show that you should wait 5-9 days to call between dates. No other guy does that and it goes along with her wanting to know you SLOWLY. Let her be the aggressor.

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