A Review of Realme GT Master Edition Flagship Phones


The Realme GT Master Edition phone is arguably the best Chinese smartphone available. If you’re looking for a phone that’s easy on the pocket, this might just be it. The phone is a joint effort of the world-renowned mobile manufacturer, the Chinese company Le surnoids and a UK-based electronics giant, Vodafone. Together they’ve created a device that has some real innovative features packed into one compact package. You’ll find the Realme GT Master Edition in a standard black and silver design with a five-inch Super AMOLED display. realme gt master edition

A big difference you’ll notice right away is the presence of a robust dual-core 1.5G MSM processor inside the phone. That’s the same sort of power you’d find inside high-end smartphones costing thousands of dollars more. It will also work as your main source of power when docked to a laptop. When you need power, the dedicated slot on the Realme of master edition allows you to conveniently plug in a huge fifty Wh lithium ion battery into a USB port. This kind of power means the battery won’t be easily drained even when you’re browsing the Internet or doing any other sort of intensive work.

Apart, from its powerful hardware, the Realme GT Master Edition phone also has some great features packed into its software. One such feature is what it calls “power dialing”. It allows you to use a single button to perform multiple tasks. For example, when you press the home key twice, it will automatically switch from the phone’s dial to your emails and other contact details. With such functionality, you can always stay in touch with your business, your family, and your colleagues.

Another impressive feature of the Realme GT Master Edition that makes it stand out is the presence of a powerful Media Engine. This powerful engine allows users to upload videos and photos right from their phone. You can edit them and even publish them to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you’re an avid consumer of digital cameras, you’ll appreciate this feature that lets you view and upload photos from your own devices. Not only does it let you make the most of your digital camera’s capabilities, but it also lets you take full advantage of the built-in storage capacity of your phone.

Another great thing about the Realme GT master edition is that it comes with camera samples. The manufacturer knows that the cell phone market isn’t just a simple place for high-end phones to come. It needs phones that appeal to the mass market. Therefore, the camera samples feature in Realme phones are designed to give you a feel of how the phones would feel in your hands. The quality of camera samples will vary depending on what features you’re getting, but they are excellent ways to see how a certain phone will look in person.

Finally, in addition to the aforementioned eight gigabytes of space that comes with the Realme GT Master Edition, users get access to one terabyte of memory free. This gives users plenty of room to store all their important data and multimedia. Users also have access to over twenty different languages, so learning a new language should be easy with the Realme GT Master Edition. These are excellent phones for anyone who wants something spectacular at an incredible price.

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