Advanced Laser Lipo

Advanced laser lipo is also referred to as “Smart Lipo” or “Lunchtime Lipo”, due to the procedure’s reputation as the fastest and safest fat reduction procedure around. Laser Liposuction stands miles apart from traditional liposuction, providing those carrying pockets of unwanted fat with an opportunity to get the body they have always desired.

Performed under a local anesthetic, and using a powerful diode laser, the procedure can give you a whole new look without having to undergo a full blown operation or spend any time recovering in hospital. This all-round safer treatment allows patients to stay conscious throughout, converse with their surgeon during the process and be back to normal activities within 24 hours.

Advanced 600nm laser fibres are inserted through a small nick in the skin to break down fat cell walls in a quick and effective way. The procedure removes fat cells completely and is far gentler than traditional lipo resulting in minimal bruising and discomfort.

The liquefied fat from this procedure is then immediately sucked away at the end. What’s left is naturally absorbed and removed from the body. After undergoing treatment, you will be able to return to day-to-day life almost immediately, with very little recovery time required.

This safe treatment is used frequently by celebrities due to its fantastic results. Laser Lipo can be performed on various different areas of the body including arms, chin and knees. It is perfectly suited to those common areas of fat deposits, such as the thighs and abdomen. Post-treatment results are quick to see and patients are left with tighter, more toned skin at the treated areas.

The treatment requires just one procedure, which lasts from around 60-90 minutes. Treatment times for larger areas including both thighs and abdominal areas are significantly reduced compared to traditional techniques, due to the advanced technology of the powerful Osyris 25w diode laser. extreme precision 

Advanced Laser Lipo is the method of choice worldwide for fast, effective, safe weight loss, providing beautiful and reliable results.

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