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The Realme brand of smartphones is known for their split design. This device is the first to combine reality with illusion. This unique design brings futuristic designs to mobile devices. The phone’s design is based on a transparent back. The dual-camera system and a dual-tone flash make it an interesting device to consider. In terms of camera quality, the Realme 8 is one of the best. It also has a large, 6-megapixel sensor for video recording.

The Realme 8’s battery life was exceptional in our tests. The 5,000mAh battery lasted through an entire day of gaming, social networking, and small photography sessions. Unlike some phones, the Realme has a 30W fast charger that can charge the device from zero to 100% in 55 minutes. It also has a curved rear. The phone weighs only 177g, so it should be comfortable to hold even with your small hands. realme 8

The Realme 8 has a 64-megapixel primary camera. The smartphone has a 2 MP B&W lens and an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens. It also has an AI Beauty feature that helps users to take better photos. It also has a good battery backup, at 100% all day long. Its finger print sensor was accurate and working at 88% of the time. The display on the Realme is crisp and vivid, which is another plus. The smartphone has a lot of other great features, but these are just a few of them.

The Realme 8 has a bold design and a powerful processor. Its 64GB of storage will fill up very quickly. However, the handset has a great camera, and is equipped with a Micro SD card slot for memory expansion. In addition to this, it also has 2 Nano card slots and a Micro SD card slot. The Realme 8 also offers a lot of useful extras, including a dual-SIM option.

While the Realme 8 ships with the latest Android OS, the device comes with a lot of bloatware. Despite being a great smartphone, it comes with a lot of apps that can be problematic. The company’s Browser app is a must-have for most users, as it has a built-in browser. The Realme 8 also has a Video app, which can be annoying when playing games on the phone.

The Realme 8 has a great display, but its back panel is very slippery and attracts fingerprints. A case will protect the cameras and sensors from damage, but the rest of the phone is surprisingly sturdy. The realme 5G variant has an 8.5-mm body and is the thinnest 5G phone on the market. Those who are looking for a quality phone at a cheap price will want to buy it.

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