Latest Technology Offered By Vivo V21 New Smartphones


Vivo V21 is a great new phone from the brand of HTC. The company has created some excellent phones in the past and this one is no exception. It comes with many features including high definition camera, music player, video player, and Internet access. If you are looking for an amazing mobile phone that comes with high quality camera and music player, then this phone might just do the job. Read on to find out how to buy Vivo V21 online.

The Vivo V21 comes with a 5.2″ capacitive LCD screen with a dual tone memory capability and Corning Gorilla glass power button. The device is powered by octa-core ( Cortex-A7) processor with MediaTek’s own visual engine. The phone runs on the HTC uPce Mobile software platform running on Windows CE. The handset comes with 16 GB internal storage and there is a boot slot too for those who don’t like to use microSD. vivo v21

There are many amazing smartphone features present in the Vivo V20 such as a high definition camera. If you have taken photographs earlier, then you can edit them in a matter of seconds using the Gallery. Moreover, if you have taken several photographs, then you can synchronize them with your photo library. You can also view all of them in a specific folder.

There is another amazing feature in the smartphone – the ability to take a selfies. This is called as the “amoled pixel camera”. The amoled pixel camera has four times more pixels as compared to normal cameras. This helps the unit to capture clearer images. It also has an infrared scanner which helps to identify faces, objects and even smile. There are various selfie modes – one can upload all the images taken in the snap, choose a favourite picture, or save as wallpaper.

Apart from the main camera, the Vivo V21 also has a rear camera which is a 5.5 mega pixel unit with optical zoom. The resolution of this unit is quite good and it gives a decent result. It has a 33w high definition camera with two image sensors and the connectivity is also quite good. It has an USB Type-C port for data transfer and a headphone jack to help you enjoy audio while taking the snaps.

On the other hand, there is a new addition in the Vivo V21 – the OIS Night Quendor mode. The OIS Night Quendor mode is used to detect faces in low light situations such as in the early hours of the morning, in the early evening and in total darkness. If you want to take a group picture of your friends, family or colleagues, you will definitely love the feature. This mode is used with the Samsung Gear Fit 2.

The front-facing ois camera is one of the latest generation smartphone cameras from Samsung. There are some excellent facilities available with this unit including an auto-focus, facial recognition, panoramic images and a video recording feature. The front-facing ois camera has a 5g optical zoom lens which is really good. It also has a self-timer which helps to keep the camera shutter speed slow enough for you to capture moving scenes effectively. The front-facing ois camera is also one of the latest smartphone models in the market which has a built-in motion sensor.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 also offers a few more facilities like a double zoom, a time lapse mode and facial recognition. With all these facilities, it is hard to imagine that the Samsung Galaxy S4 could outclass the new HTC Desire smartphone in the picture taking department. However, the situation may change once the company releases its new mid-budget smartphones called the V20 and V10. Users who are not planning to buy a smartphone in this budget range, can opt for a simple point and shoot model to enjoy the multi-million dollar smart phone feature that the Vivo models offer. It will be interesting to see how the technology evolves in the coming years as the company continues to expand into new segments.

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