OnePlus Nord 2 – A High End Phone With Low Budget Features


One thing that needs to be understood about the new smartphone is that it is made by Oppo. It has got some pretty good features that many users will love like the Dual Shot camera, SMS, Bluetooth etc. However, one must not forget that it is a touch screen phone and that it does not have the best design as the other smartphones. With the recent additions in the OS and different user Interface colors, it is now becoming a popular choice amongst the youngsters. It also comes with a price tag of its own. Hence, this might be a great way to get the best of your money without spending much on other high-end features.

There are many places where oneplus 2 can be bought online. The smartphone has been available in the market since last few months and most people are already familiar with the product. There are many stores that are selling the device and you can check them out online. If you want to buy the fast charging, one of the ways through which you can get it is from the store or through a manufacturer direct dealing.

A few weeks back, the Opposone Company launched a smartphone called the OnePlus Nords. It was one of the first smartphone devices from the company which was met with high levels of anticipation. This device has been equipped with different features like it had the dual shot camera, an SMS app, a good camera and of course the standard Sense 6. Since the device has just recently launched, it is up to the user whether they are going to go for the regular version or the premium one for which there are a few options in the market now.

The Oneplus 2 features the MediaTek chipset along with the chipset of the HTC Exynos. The chipset of the handset is made by MediaTek and it is one of the best ones available in the market today. It features multi-tasking features that allow the user to be productive on the go. The device also uses the Hi-Fi sound system that helps in enhancing the audio clarity. There is no question about the battery life of this smartphone as it lasts for around 6 hours on average.

The dual-core processor and the chipset have worked wonders for this smartphone. This means that it does not have a slow processing speed like the iPhone 4S. Another plus factor about this handset is the sensor called the imx766. This sensor has been used in some of the top smartphones of the world including the Nokia E71 and the HTC Desire. The imx766 sensor enables the device to read the low-light levels very quickly. The low-light levels are detected and the colors captured are shown on the screen for all users to enjoy. OnePlus Nord 2

The oneplus 2 has the ability to retain the data that is taken with it on the cell memory. This means that it can store more on the device and this makes it possible to store more photos and videos. There are many more features available in the devices but the above two come quite handy to any one who is using this as their main smartphone. These phones have all the features that any one would be looking for in an mid-range phone. They provide high-end performance at low prices and they are available through different online mobile stores right now.

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