Using Parcel Tracking

It does not matter if your company only ships a handful of parcels each month, or whether you ship tens of thousands of parcels per month. In either case you should be using a parcel tracking system. Send Parcels to Aurstralia

Online tracking systems are now available from all of the major parcel carriers Worldwide, and I would say that for the majority of businesses sending parcels any major distances nationwide, or if you are shipping parcels from one country to another, that it is essential that your carrier offers a parcel tracking service.

Initially you may think why bother? You may not find it remotely relevant to your business when all of your parcels are being delivered by your carrier like clockwork, until a key customer delivery is late, and then trust me you will be wishing you had a parcel carrier that had on online tracking system (Or that you had not turned down the free one you were offered by them).

Okay, so your parcel has not arrived and your customer is demanding to know where it is? Well the old fashioned way of doing things would be you phoning the carrier, then them having to find out where it is, why it is late, and when it will arrive – and then having to phone you back, then you having to phone your customer back etc.

With online tracking systems you can (whilst your customer is on the phone) log on to any computer via a website address given to you by your parcel carrier, and then log on using your secure id.

You can then type in the parcels tracking code and then get instant access to the parcel carriers’ site, which will show you a geographic real time map of where your parcel actually is. You can then give your customer an instant answer as to where their parcel is in transit, and that is why it is essential to use a parcel tracking system

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